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Crimped wire mesh is custom produced according to different applications which request strength and rigidity; we can provide crimped wire mesh in all sizes with different opening types.  According to the loading capacity and wire used, crimped wire mesh can be separated into light type crimped wire mesh and heavy type crimped wire mesh.


Light type crimped wire mesh is weaved by thin wire.  Holes are small, and common material request is stainless steel wire and galvanized steel wire.  It is normally used for barbecue grill netting.  The surface treatment with zinc coated or chromium plated, the shape can be round, square, curve and so on.  It has the character of heat resisting, corrosion resisting, nonpoisonous, tasteless and convenient for handling.  It is mainly used to roast food or meat.



Heavy duty crimped mesh can offer big loading capacity with thick wire and big hole.  The popular material request is high carbon steel wire 65 Mn and stainless steel wire, which is also called heavy type crimped wire mesh, quarry mesh, quarry screen, or vibrating screen.  It is widely used for sorting and filtering sand, rock, stone, coal, mining, also used in mechanical accessories, construction industries, or pig breeding, etc.




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