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Stainless Steel Bolting Cloth
-A thin, strong, flexible precisely woven group of meshes which are used for sieving and sifting powders. 
-Approximately 55% open area. 
-Fine wires and smooth surfaces to increase particle throughput. 
-Also called TBC- tensile bolting cloth
-AISI304 Bolting Cloth-Standard
-AISI316 Bolting Cloth-Premium 

Sintered Mesh
-Non-Fraying Fused Meshes
-One, Two, Three, or Five Layers
-Stainless Steel Type 316
-Sheets, Discs, & Shapes
-Openings from 1 Micron
-Screens, Diffusers, Breathers, Hydraulic filters
-Sintered Mesh Discs
                  178 Micron 1 Ply Sintered Stainless Mesh                 105 Micron 2 Ply Sintered Stainless Mesh
                 10 Micron 3 Ply Sintered Stainless Mesh                   178 Micron 1 Ply Sintered Stainless Mesh


Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Disc
-The most common and is used for general sorting, screening and filtering applications.
-Can be cut, formed and fabricated into various diameters to meet particular requirements or reach specific levels of filtration.

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