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Micro Hole Expanded Metal


Qinghe Micro Hole Expanded metal, suitable for utilization in filters as well as for other applications, can be considered as a particular type of the expanded metal with a small size mesh, meaning small openings. 

We can manufacture any shaped mesh made of any metal provided that it is applicable for the stretching process.  It can be made of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, bronze, nickel, etc. and can be punched, stamped, welded or formed into a cylinder.




Precision Expanded Mesh


Precision expanded mesh is available in most metals and polymers, or we can work with your proprietary materials.  Metals we regularly produce include: aluminum, brass, copper, monel, nickel, steel, stainless steel, and zinc.


Decorative Expanded Metal


Qinghe Decorative Expanded Metal patterns are special patterns for architectural or more decorative applications.  These patterns provide an aesthetically pleasing design for security partitions, sign panels, sunshades, room panels and building facades.  While providing security, the pattern helps control light and heat while providing air flow and just the right amount of visibility or privacy in certain applications.  The Expanded Metal patterns are very aesthetically appealing including the unique Expanded Metal Ribbon Mesh pattern.

The decorative mesh patterns seen here are our most popular styles.  Expanded Metals have other decorative mesh styles that can be produced in aluminum and carbon steel expanded metal.  We can also custom design a decorative mesh pattern to meet your specific requirements.



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