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Our Family of Field Fence


Premium Field Fence

Qinghe’s Premium Field Fence is easy to work with but it is apt to elongate.  The premium Field Fence is normally made of Low Carbon steel wire, so it is also known as Low Carbon Standard Field Fence.  It is produced in a 9, 11 or 12.5 gauge.  Heights range from 26’’(66cm) to 56’’ (142cm).  Vertical spacing of 6’’ or 12’’ and a length size of 330’ (20 rods).  The coating of the fence will decide how long the fence will last.


A uniform strength provides the best stretching possible, and the wide range of roll heights will meet all your fencing needs.



 Please check the Specification Table for detailed fence sizes.



High Tensile Field Fence

Designed to confine cattle and other large livestock, our High Tensile Field Fence provides farmers and ranchers with a lightweight alternative to Premium (traditional) fence.  Combining high tensile strength steel wire with our hot dip galvanization makes Qinghe High Tensile Field Fence your unmatched alternative for strength and life expectancy.

The use of high strength wire means that our fence is both stronger and easier to install.  Due to its stronger line wires and lighter weight, it needs less posts during installation.




Please check the Specification Table for detailed fence sizes.



Commercial Field Fence

Matching a lighter gauge with our commercial galvanized coating, Commercial Filed Fence is the perfect choice for price-conscious consumers who still require top quality.

Our Commercial Field Fence is produced in the same variety of heights as our other field fences, with a 6’’ or 12’’ vertical spacing in 330’ (100m) rolls.  The Commercial Field Fence is made with a 14 gauge commercial galvanized wire, making it the most economical fence for your fencing needs.



Please check the Specification Table for detailed fence sizes.


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