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Hook Strip Soft Shale Shaker Screen

Hook strip soft screen are used in the early shale shakers, it is similar with the hook strip flat screen on the structure. The bottom layer is a coarse wire cloth layer, the middle layer is a plastic mesh layer, the upper layer is a fine wire cloth layer. The three layers of wire cloth is bonded together adding support of screen which will guarantee a longer screen life and reduce the cost. These products have low prices and are used conveniently.


Without steel backing plate, these hook strip soft screen can get an effective filtering area. The bottom thick wire cloth, it is not only help the above screen cloth get better filter, also support it, save the screen lifetime.


Hook strip soft shale shaker screen has lighter weight, and it can be repaired easily. Due to the patented plug-repair system, the time for repairing the damaged screen is reduced largely and it only needs less than two minutes. When repairing the damaged screen mesh, there is no need to remove the damaged mesh as well as the processes of cutting, gluing and bonding the mesh, only with a special plug can solve the problem of repairing the damaged mesh.






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