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Making the following specifications clear in your inquiry will greatly help you get a fast and accurate pricing:
1. The Application - All service conditions should be known—environment, temperature, and other processing conditions often play a key role in material selection and usually influence the type of wire cloth needed.
2. Material - Please specify the type of material you require. 
3. Mesh Size, Type Of Weave- What type of wire cloth?  Be sure to specify the number of openings per inch, opening size or micron rating of the wire cloth you need.   We also need to know the type of weave—Plain, Twill, Plain Dutch, Twill Dutch, etc.
4. Wire Diameter-In addition, be sure to specify the wire diameter(s) you require.
5. Width and Length - Wire cloth is available in any width—36", 40", 48" and even 60" are considered standard.  A standard roll of wire cloth is 100 feet , 80 feet long.  Since wire cloth is a woven product, remember, roll length can vary by plus/minus 10%.
6. Edge-With Selvage or Raw Edge.
7. Quantity-the quantity for this order and for future possible orders.
8. Lead time-the lead time you want for this order and for future possible orders
9. Unloading Port Name-If you want CIF or C&F price, please also clarify your unloading port name. 
10. Other information you think is important
More information will help us to put your inquiry on top priority, such as your current supplier having problem with the lead time, or you need some professional advice as you just start your business, etc. 


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