Phosphor Bronze Wire Mesh


Phosphor Bronze Wire Mesh is woven with the phosphor bronze wire, the wire is basically an alloy of copper with 3.5 to 10% of tin, with a significant phosphorus content of up to 1% and the balance is copper. Phosphor bronze is highly praised for its strength and toughness compared with the natural copper. This is due to the levels of tin in the alloy. It offers good corrosion resistance, wear resistance and tear resistance and is frequently used in the making for fine mesh cloth.


Phosphor Bronze Wire

Mesh Number Range:

Phosphor Bronze wire mesh can be supplied from 1-400mesh. Anpinq Qinghe does accept custom made mesh and wire diameter orders.

Coarse Phosphor Bronze Wire Mesh Range: 1 Mesh to 10 Mesh.

Medium Phosphor Bronze Wire Mesh Range: 12Mesh to 50 Mesh.

Fine Phosphor Bronze Wire Mesh Range: 50 x 60 Mesh to 400 Mesh, it is also named Phosphor Bronze Wire Cloth.

Weaving Types

Plain Weave, Twill Weave, Dutch-Plain Weave, and Dutch-Twill Weave

Phosphor Bronze Wire Mesh Plain Weave

Phosphor Bronze Wire Mesh Twill Weave

Phosphor Bronze Wire Mesh Dutch Plain Weave

Phosphor Bronze Wire Mesh Dutch Twill

Width and Length:

Width: up to 3.1M
Length: 30M/100Feet


Moist-proof paper/wooden crate/pallet


Corrosion resistance, wear resistance and tear resistance.
Excellent thermal conductivity
Good heat transfer performance
Good ductility and malleability
Good electrical conductivity
Corrosion resistant
Wear resistant


Mostly used as filters in a lot of industries.
Phosphor Bronze Wire Mesh is also used in industries such as powder, porcelain clay and glass, chinaware printing, etc.

Phosphor Bronze Wire Mesh Selvage Edge

Phosphor Bronze Wire Mesh Rough Edge

Phosphor Bronze Wire Mesh Slitting Rolls

Brass Wire Mesh Coarse Range

Brass Wire Mesh Medium Range

Brass Wire Mesh Fine Range

Brass Wire Mesh Weaving Machine

Phosphor Bronze and Brass Wire Mesh 

Brass Wire Mesh Quality Checking

Phosphor Bronze Wire Mesh Specification Table
Mesh /Inch Wire DiaMesh /Inch Wire Dia
 (MM) (Inch)  (MM) (Inch) 
6Mesh 0.7110.028046Mesh 0.1730.0068
8Mesh 0.610.024048Mesh 0.1730.0068
10Mesh 0.5080.020050Mesh 0.1730.0068
12Mesh 0.4570.018060Mesh 0.1520.0060
14Mesh 0.4170.016470Mesh 0.1320.0052
16Mesh 0.3450.013680Mesh 0.1220.0048
18Mesh 0.3150.012490Mesh 0.1120.0044
20Mesh 0.3150.0124100Mesh 0.1020.0040
22Mesh 0.3150.0124120Mesh 0.0810.0032
24Mesh 0.3150.0124140Mesh 0.0610.0024
26Mesh 0.2950.0116150Mesh 0.0610.0024
28Mesh 0.2950.0116160Mesh 0.0610.0024
30Mesh 0.2740.0108180Mesh 0.0510.0020
32Mesh 0.2540.0100200Mesh 0.0510.0020
34Mesh 0.2340.0092250Mesh 0.0410.0016
36Mesh 0.2340.0092300Mesh 0.0310.0012
38Mesh 0.2130.0084325Mesh 0.0310.0012
40Mesh 0.1930.0076350Mesh 0.0310.0012
42Mesh 0.1930.0076400Mesh 0.0310.0012