The Covid-19 Influence

The Covid19 does influence us and our customers a lot in the following terms:

It does delay some of our orders’ lead time.

During 2020, the lead time was delayed about 2 weeks on average. The reason is that the LOCK UP policy do effect on delivery of raw material and our working time.

It makes the material prices and freight much higher.

Most of the material prices increased about 20% – 30% because some factories are locked up, and the transportation is affected a lot too. The sea shipping freight increased about 50% to 600% according to different countries. Yes, it is not a mistake, freight to some ports like USA and Europe increased about 600%, this is what our customers and us are encountering now.

We have to cancel some of our overseas Exhibitions and Trips.

Due to this reason, we are suggesting customers to visit us online by Wechat.

Do the right thing

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